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- Earth is the third planet from the sun

- Earth is a sphere that rotates around its own axis and revolves around the sun.

- It's Equatorial radius is 6,378.1 km.

- Our planet weighs 5.9736x1024 kg and has a volume of 1.0832073x1012 km3

- Earth's only satellite is called: The Moon


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Introduction to Head over Heels

Welcome to Head over Heels, the independent travel guide to destinations worldwide. Before we start a few comments in advance. This is not a conventional guide book aka website!

This site is dedicated to backpackers and people travelling on a tight budget. As the name "head over heels" suggests we are not the kind of people who do the sensible thing. We travel around Mexico without a word of Spanish and even better without a phrase book, just as a proof of concept. It may be stupid but it's fun.

If you believe in package holidays, hotels and guide books this is the wrong page for you!

Planet Earth seen from space


So what is this webpage then? Good question. We would like to see it as a collection of recommendations. We collect opinions on places. May be you came across a place you really want other people to see. Promote it here! Other places suck so badly that you want to save your fellow travellers the time and effort to go there.

We - the authors - can come with up with a long list of places that were recommended by the likes of Lonely Planet and Lets Go that sucked so badly that we wanted to sue who ever wrote the piece about that place.

Of course - and this is important - what you read is an opinion. Unlike an official guide book we are anything but impartial. Quite the opposite actually. You always can and should make up your own mind. The best advice I can give is to talk to people you meet in a place you really like. If they like the place as well it suggests that you share a similar taste. That's important.

We invite you to share your experiences. If you want to contribute feel free to get in touch with us. Send us your story and let us know your thoughts. "Head over Heels" is meant to be a team effort. The more people participate the better. You will always know who exactly wrote the description of a particular place and of course you will be able to provide feedback.

As mentioned; we are budget travellers. We are absolutely sure and know for a fact that there are some spectacular places for the rich and famous. We can't afford them so they don't exist in our realm. The only mention of a Hilton - to pick a random example - would be an "how to sneak in and enjoy a pint on the pool without actually staying there". Someone actually did explain that to me a few years ago.

We were in Thailand at the time and I at the time was totally unaware that any self respecting traveller is supposed to sneak into the local Hilton - if there is one - to enjoy the always impressive pool. I was told that this is a popular sport in many countries. Professionals even try to hammer someones room tab but I wouldn't go that far. I do agree though that the swimming pools are spectacular.

Let's not get distracted. For the time being we will focus on Mexico and Guatemala in Central America and - since our resident writer lives there for the moment - Ireland. Jolly good.



This is always the tricky bit. For the time being we decided on two independent menus. In the grey bar you will find the main navigation bar. It provides direct links to every single page. Under Europe you will find all European countries we covered so far and under for example Ireland you will then find the individual places.

The second menu on the right side is a direct link to every single page we did so far. This menu eventually will expire. At some stage it will be unmanageable. Instead we will probably try to come up with some sort of tacky php-menu. We haven't quite figured out how to best do this. We are no professional web wizards but rather travellers with an idea.

We also added a breadcrumb trail right underneath the title of each page. If you are unfamiliar with it don't worry. It is self explaining. It basically tells you exactly where you are at one particular moment; continent > country > exact place.


Also good to know:

To a certain extend this is site is a "work in progress" and will remain so. Certain features we would like to have implemented but so far couldn't quite figure out how to do it. This might change in the future.

As mentioned we are currently focussing on only a few places. If everything goes according to plan new content will be added on a regular basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for please be patient. I travel as much as I can. Source: The Tango! Desktop Project

We also added a "Blogspot" that is open for everyone to use. You'll need to register but then you can open your own little blog and keep friends, family or the whole up-to-date with your travels or current affairs. I tried a few different things but ended up using WorldPress. It's a pretty cool open source blog software and very easy to use. If you want you can limit access to registered user or keep it private all together. If you are writing a travel blog we would of course encourage you to publish it to the whole community. Please no propaganda or juicy stuff.

One final word; this site will grow so please be patient. I am quite sure you can appreciate that running this site takes a lot of effort. The more people contribute the faster it grows. You don't have to be a professional writer or so. If you found a place others should know about - good or bad - get involved. Please do not upload any pictures that you did not take yourself. Copyright infringements will not be tolerated!

Safe travels


Written by: Kristian Busch

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- Cambodia

...* Phnom Penh
...* Siem Reap
...* Sihanoukville
...* Kampot
...* Kep
...* Kratie


- Albania

...* Tirana
...* Berat

- Belgium

...* Ghent

- Germany

...* Berlin

- Greece

...* Amorgos

- Ireland

...* Achill Island
...* Ardmore
...* Bantry
...* Galway
...* Kinsale
...* Sligo
...* Stradbally (Co. Waterford)
...* Tory Island
...* Tramore
...* Waterford
...* Youghal


North Amerika

- Mexico

...* Cancun
...* Tulum
...* The Maya Site Tulum
...* Chetumal
...* Palenque
...* The Maya Site Palenque
...* San Cristobal de las Casas
...* Francisco Escarcega
...* Xupjil
...* The Maya Site Calakmul

- Guatemala

...* Tikal
...* Flores
...* Antigua
...* Guatemala City
...* Monterrico







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